Petes wife Yvonne will be taking over Pacific Crest Medias video production and service offerings. Feel free to contact her right here.


It is with a heavy heart that I post this. Pete has been a shining light in our lives through his music, his laughter, his talent and his great voiceovers. We wanted you to know that Pete’s suffering from cancer ended September 25th 2014, and he is now lighting up our world from afar.

Yvonne truly appreciates all of the support they have been given throughout this final battle over the last few months. Pete’s family is with her during this time.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, love and support.
A celebration of life concert was scheduled for October 4, 2014. Please join us as we keep celebrate his life at this online concert:
Celebration of Life Concert
Enjoy great music right here in Loomis or on your screen at home, and raise funds to help Pete and Yvonne Heimann pay their everyday expenses and Pete’s medical expenses, as the bills will continue to pour in for some time.
Click here for the YouTube link to the live event:
Please post all comments and wishes for Yvonne here.

Here comes the biggest lesson for him to learn yet: accepting others’ help. Pete has always been a giving and loving person. His condition over the past couple of months prevented him from working. He could not edit videos because his eyesight was compromised by his illness. In lieu of flowers, Yvonne humbly requests that contributions be made to help offset Pete’s medical bills.

You may make a donation here: 

A bit of the recent history of Pete’s battle with cancer:
In July 2012 he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Squamous Cell Carcinoma in his throat, also known as Head and Neck Cancer. And again his first thought was how to help others. From the first day he started filming and documenting his adventure to show other people facing a challenge like this that there is a way to get through this and there are people willing to help!

In February of 2013, Peter received a Cancer Free diagnosis.
In January of 2014, after some double vision Pete got diagnosed with a new cancer in his sinus and left eye.



After multiple tests, screening and probing, Pete went into surgery at Stanford. His left eye and a lot of cancer mass was removed and he is underwent radiation and cetuximab treatment.
At the end of July 2014, following finished treatment, the Doctors told Pete that the treatment was not successful. Not to mention the outbreak of shingles this news caused.
The decision was made to strive for “Quality of Life” and work with Nutritionist, Homeopaths and others to eliminating stress, get his body as healthy as possible to fight this battle and prove the doctors wrong.

Lifting his spirits up, playing piano and moving on with his dream to help others understand how important attitude is for everyone’s daily life, he keeps producing the documentary he started the first day in the ER.